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Whether you play a sporting simulation, a first-person shooter, or a role-playing game: What you hear matters almost as much as what you see. During the game, you can hear the crackling of leaves, bullets flying overhead, and more things that put you right there in the action. As you approach an enemy from behind, an enemy spins around faster than a roulette wheel as you hear its sounds. In this blogpost, you will find the Best Gaming Headset under 30$.

If you have played Call of Duty, you have experienced the impact of sounds firsthand. Had they not heard you, that wouldn’t have happened. Great headsets make it easier for them to hear you. Therefore, gamers must be able to hear their enemies and communicate with their allies clearly to get the most out of their games.

Because of this, every serious gamer should have a headset they can rely on if the fighting gets heated. But how much does getting a gaming headset can cost? what about getting one of the best gaming headsets for under 30$. Sounds Impressive? Let’s find out.

As it’s a gaming headset, not a science project for which you can easily get money from your parents. Thus, you must look for an affordable one that you can afford to buy within your budget or savings.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of good headset options available in the market, and at quite reasonable prices too. Whether you’re interested in comfort or style, I’ve collected all the best gaming headsets under $30 in one place, with key specs analyzed to make your choice easier.

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1. ASTRO Gaming A10 Gaming Headset

Best Gaming Headset under 30$

Typically, you would think that a headset with a low price tag will not look or sound good. Here, none of that holds. Astro A10 is one of its class Best Gaming Headset under 30$. Astro A10 gaming headphones are simply wired headphones. Video games with action-packed environments sound better with these over-ear headphones that have a bass-heavy sound profile.

There are no companion software or customization options available for these headphones, unlike many high-end gaming headphones. Although their boom microphones make it easy to communicate with teammates, even in loud environments, you’ll be able to hear them. Let’s look at its features;


  • Looks & Design

The design of the Astro A10 is quite similar to that of other high-end models, such as the A40 or A50, but with some brightly colored accents. There is nothing cheap about the appearance of Astro A10. Featuring a boom mic, it is a neatly designed device centered on gaming. In addition, the ear cups are well padded, so that you will experience comfort when wearing them.

They wove steel wires into the plastic of the headband to provide a firm grip. It is made of a material that is quite durable, so if you hit it with some normal force, it won’t break or malfunction. This is perfect for all accident-prone people in the house. For Astro A10, the plastic used has a charcoal gray coloration that looks quite stylish. Considering that the microphone cannot be detached, this Best Gaming Headset under 30$ isn’t suitable for outdoor use.

  • Comfort

The A10 is fairly cozy, with a lightweight, comfortable fit. It has a 12-ounce frame and thick memory foam ear cushions. The well-padded and covered microfiber coating feels nice on the skin. The headband may be a little tight for some users, but that would only feel like long gaming sessions. Otherwise, you’re ready.

The earcups are also smaller than the other headsets but can still accommodate normal-sized ears without being uncomfortable. Unlike most headphones, the A10’s ear cups do not rotate 90 degrees to fit your ear. However, it is possible to adjust the A10’s ear cups by two inches for a custom fit.

  • Performance

High-frequency and low-frequency separation are good on the Astro A10 headset. It is quite impressive how well the Astro A10 performs for a headset of this cost. Despite its simplicity, it’s pretty helpful in gaming mode, helping you hear footsteps or sounding crisp for revving engines in any racing game. It offers audio reproduction that’s a little all over the place, but not necessarily in a bad way. The microphone is also reliable, it can provide a clear voice to your teammates.

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  • Sleek design
  • Durable Material
  • Excellent sound and rich bass for a 30$ headset
  • Avg noise isolation

2. Sades SA-902 – Wired Gaming headset

Best Gaming Headset under 30$

This Gaming Headset under 30$ from Sades is a complete package with excellent features and a solid choice for budget-conscious gamers. This lightweight headset does not strain your head when used for long periods, and the sound is excellent, so you can hear what’s going on around you.

In short, Sades SA-902 is a complete package with USB 7.1 virtual sound drivers, glaring LED lights, a comfortable fit, and an excellent microphone and sound quality that too within an affordable price range. Let’s look at its features;


  • Design

The SA-902 from Sades appears fairly simple. With its simple and elegant design, it stays true to the basics. Despite this, it has red LEDs on the sides, making it quite attractive. A thick plastic headband covers the entire headset, making it quite lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods. It provides excellent noise isolation because of its acoustic earpads covering the ear completely and providing a complete fit. The quality of the plastic material is good.

Besides not being too tight, the headband is easy to adjust and also has good padding, so it feels soft. There is no full-size microphone, but the swivel feature allows you to enjoy solo missions.

  • Performance

The Sades SA902 has impressive sound quality. Whenever gaming is involved, the units’ drivers provide an incomparable range of subtle sounds from every direction, even beneath and above. Using USB 7.1 stereo sound can help make any gaming experience easier and more enjoyable. When you are gaming, the background noises and voices are sharp, so you don’t have problems hearing them.

Also, the noise cancellation is quite good, so it helps you focus. This mic is like a headset in terms of quality, as they also made it from plastic. Despite being small, the microphone has a good range of sound pickup.

  • Compatibility

Compatible with most devices, the headset offers high compatibility. Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Linux, Apple, Mac, PC, Laptop, Computer Games, Mac OS X, and any audio device that has a USB port is compatible with this headset.

  • Above average sound quality
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • 7.1 Virtual sound drivers
  • Lows and high aren’t completely distinct

3. SENZER SG500 Surround Sound Pro Gaming Headset

Best Gaming Headset under 30$

SG500 belongs to Senzer’s professional lineup of Gaming headsets under 30$. You get a complete package with surround sound, so you can enjoy the sound more subtly. Among the best choices for low-priced gaming headsets.

it also features a strong noise-canceling mic that can pick up your voice. With a classy design, it’s an excellent choice. See what we mean.


  • Design & Comfort

The design of SG500 is pretty well made for a low-priced headset. The earpads, headband, and overall body comprise quality standard material, which makes them comfortable and lightweight.

Children and adults alike will find Senzer SG500 comfortable. Even after many hours of gaming, the detachable memory foam ear cushions will not exert excess pressure on your ears, allowing you to use them for up to 8 hours without feeling discomfort.

  • Performance

Using surround sound can enhance gaming performance. Providing you with crystal clear audio and giving you a truly immersive gaming experience, this headset enhances your gaming performance. You experience a truly immersive gaming experience with these surround sound Gaming Headset under 30$.

Improve the recording experience by clearly capturing recordings such as vehicle direction, vehicle description, and audio. Using this sound, sensitive sounds like footsteps, wind, and rain are displayed more accurately and clearly.

  • Portability

The Senzer SG500 has detachable ear cushions and telescopic arms with flexible headphones. With this feature, the headset can fold into the arm, making it easier to store and transport. Therefore, the SG500 is a portable gaming headset, which you can easily pack in your backpack or small hand-carry.

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  • Surround Sound Driver
  • Comfortable fit
  • Extra padded ear cushions
  • Non-detachable microphone

4. Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

Best Gaming Headset under 30$

Bengoo enters the list thanks to the fact that it is relatively light and comfortable, so it can be worn for a long time without fatigue. With the BENGOO G9000 Gaming Headset under 30$, you can enjoy a vivid sound field, superior sound clarity, and shock-like audio comfort when you play PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Laptops, or Mac games.

No matter what your situation is, the Bengoo G9000 can enhance your gaming experience. The headset has got everything you need in a pair, from a comfortable fit to high compatibility range. What else does it offer? Let’s find out;


  • Comfort

The soft cushions and smooth head straps make these gaming headphones comfortable to use. It is only that the ear holes are too small, so if your ear is larger than the average size, you might not wear it comfortably. If you have this condition, you might purchase the product. These headphones feel comfortable to wear thanks to soft earcups that won’t rub your ears. As well as being well-cushioned, the headbands are very comfortable.

  • Sound Quality & Microphone

For a price in this range, you can’t ask for better sound quality than the Bengoo G9000 offers. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the sound. Putting a little extra bass into those gunfights will get you a more realistic feel. The 40mm drivers on these are impressive. Having immersive stereo sound in your games will help you hear details, such as footsteps.

The headset comes with a flip mic that is not detachable. It sounds pretty good and is audible to the other person who is listening.

  • Compatibility

There is no limitation to the platforms and output devices that Bengoo G9000 is compatible with. It can be connected to any output device that has a 3.5mm jack. This headset is compatible with Xbox, PS4, PC, and Mac.

  • Sound quality is good for its price
  • Microphone works well
  • Compatible
  • Bass is a little too high

5. Turtle Beach Recon 50 Gaming headset

Best Gaming Headset under 30$

A decent-budget gaming headset, the Turtle Beach Recon 50X is worth checking out. A bit cluttered, but with great bass, these headphones deliver a moderately balanced sound. In addition, since they are wired, no latency or lag is observed while playing games and watching movies. On the downside, their building quality is not that sturdy. The good thing about this is that you can easily replace it if it breaks. 


  • Design & Material used

The design of this headset closely resembles that of most Turtle Beach headsets at first glance. The ear cups and mounting system are still oval. The back of the device is semi-open. However, the price has been brought down by the use of some cheaper materials, which is no doubt a requirement for the lower price. Overall, it looks a little average.

With the microphone detachable, they can be worn over your ears and are suitable for use outdoors. Each ear cup is connected to the stereo cable, which may be annoying sometimes.

  • Sound Quality

It’s surprising how powerful these 40mm drivers are at maximum volume, how well they cover the base and how clear the treble is. While the mid-ranges might offer a little more punch, they sound great for gaming, watching movies, and listening to music regardless of price.

  • Microphone

On the left earcup is a boom mic that can be detached. Despite its length and thinness, the boom is flexible, yet able to hold its position in any direction. The best part of the Recon 50 is the design and performance of the microphone.

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  • Great Microphone
  • Sound Quality is decent
  • Material quality is low
  • Poor Noise Isolation


This is the list of some of the best options for gaming headsets under $30. With each headset offering distinct features and disadvantages respectively, it’s now up to you to decide which is going to be your gaming companion!

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