DTS Headphone X Vs Dolby Atmos

The gaming headset that improves on previous gaming sessions is the finest. Audio equipment determines your sound experience, whether you’re using a desktop computer for gaming or a mobile device. You should think about surround sound capabilities if you want to fully enjoy movies and video games. There are a few apps that can help you get the best outcomes from the music, such as DTS Headphone X Vs. Dolby Atmos.

In case you have been wondering which one would be a better choice to use at home, this is a complete DTS Headphone X Vs Dolby Atmos review in which we will uncover the benefits of each software for sound.

However, there are numerous spatial sound systems accessible right now. And it’s challenging to decide which one is best for your setup. You need to have a basic understanding of sound quality to compare a Dolby with a DTS headset.

Both are well-liked solutions for surround-sound headphones and offer stereo sound quality. There are additional aspects to take into account, such as platform-specific considerations and compatibility difficulties.

DTS Headphone X Vs Dolby Atmos

The sound of DTS Headphone X is quite good for various purposes, but on the other hand, Dolby Atmos is also very effective based on what kind of music or audio you are about to enjoy.

Dolby Atmos utilizes surround systems that exceed the standard layout of five speakers and one subwoofer. It is necessary to add more speakers, such as soundbars or ceiling-mounted speakers.

The advantage of Dolby Atmos is its introduction of a vertical layer of additional sound, which necessitates the use of additional top-firing speakers. The majority of streaming providers and Blu-ray CDs both have Dolby Atmos support.

There are TV sets that support Dolby Atmos and include speakers that add the vertical layer for individuals who don’t want to install more speakers or make holes in their ceiling.

Contrary to this, the DTS:X differs slightly from Dolby Atmos as it aims to achieve the same goals to give out an immersive listening experience to the listener. DTS:X does not require additional speakers, unlike Dolby Atmos, and supports any normal speaker setup, including 5.1 and 7.1.

DTS’s free license covers the majority of common 5.1 and 7.1 settings, empowering movie engineers to manage every aspect of audio production with their technology.

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Up to 30 speakers and two subwoofers can be supported by the PRO version of DTS: X. When you listen to sounds created by multi-speaker sound systems, you receive the spatial sound experience. DTS Headphone: X is an audio solution that simulates this.

Harnessing the Power of DTS Headphone X

You may experience superior audio when watching movies or listening to music at home with DTS Headphone X. With the aid of DTS Headphone X; you may enjoy a comparable 11.1 surround system that will give you the impression that you are in a movie theater.

With this advanced technology, which greatly improves audio clarity and allows you to keep all of the Hi-Res signals, you can experience the greatest sound possible. You will experience heightened satisfaction with the greater accuracy of the 3D surround sound.

Additionally, you can enhance the sound quality of your iPhone’s current pair of headphones by using the mobile DTS Headphone X capability.

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Best DTS Headphones:

It’s important to get the best headphones when you want to enjoy your gaming or streaming experience to the fullest. Here is an example of one of the best DTS headphones.

HyperX Cloud II:

One of the best DTS Headphone X-compatible items is the Cloud II by HyperX, which enhances voice and audio for the best Hi-Fi gaming experience. The immersive 7.1 surround sound will enhance your enjoyment of music, movies, and gaming.

The headset needs to be set up as the default audio device in your sound settings. You can hear the sound of a camper’s boot or the scuttle in a distant vent. You can compete at the highest level on PC, Mac, and consoles thanks to the closed cup design’s passive noise reduction capabilities.

The arrangement offers separate controls for the microphone and audio level to make things simpler. Also removable is the microphone.

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7.1 Surround Sound is easily turned on and off with the push of a button. Any video game, movie, or music listening experience can be enhanced by creating a virtual 7.1 surround sound environment.


  • A realistic audio experience.
  • Compatible with any headphones.
  • Multiple controls for greater adaptability.
  • A voice volume control that is adjustable.


  • It is paid with the limited platform and media support.

Best Dolby Headphones:

Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2

The best Dolby Atmos support headphones with genuine 7.1 surround that you can get for your gaming system is Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2. This headset has precise positional audio and complete immersion in the game.

It comes with a brand-new Audio Control Unit that enables users to choose between 2.0 stereo and real 7.1 surround sound and adjust the loudness of each audio channel. It is optimal for a next-level gaming experience.


  • Superior comfort and sound control for prolonged play.
  • Precise positioning with true 7.1 surround sound.
  • Audio Control Unit, which allows for complete sound customization.
  • A pass-through for switching between speakers and headphones with ease.


  • Dolby Atmos passthrough is not supported by all TVs or media streaming equipment.

Why Choose DTS Headphones X?

There are various reasons why you would want to choose DTS Headphones X for your device.

Authentic Audio Quality:

The majority of audiophiles concur that DTS’s sound technology is among the greatest in terms of sound quality. Simply put, the sound is better and more lifelike the lower the audio compression is.

Additionally, DTS technology is able to produce sounds that are more realistic than any other spatial sound software now on the market because of its low compression rate.

Works With Any Set Of Headphones:

DTS claims that this technology also has a database with over 500 individually tuned headphone profiles. This means you won’t need to worry about investing in additional headphones in order to test good sound. 

It allows the software to take into account the unique design of the headphones to produce the best possible listening experience.

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Voice Volume Control With Customization:

You can adjust the speech volume range in movies and video games with DTS Headphone: X. When background music or powerful sound effects in video games or movie cutscenes took out, voice volume control comes in very handy.

Why Pick Dolby?

For Movies:

Regarding movies, Dolby Atmos has long been a de facto industry standard. Since many platforms and films support Dolby Atmos, it is, therefore, advisable to choose this option. Among these platforms are Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Music.

More Height Channel:

Compared to DTS models, Dolby Atmos offers better spatial sound. This is due to the fact that it transmits music “upward,” adding an overhead sound in addition to the surround sound. For video games, spatial sound is always preferable, therefore, Dolby Atmos always have more authenticity.

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Immersive Experience:

To get an immersive experience, have a pair of Dolby Atmos headphones for gaming success. Dolby Atmos’ well-balanced spatial audio offers more lucid audio for the finest possible gaming experience. Additionally, your sound will get better the more channels you have.

Key Differences Between DTS Headphone X and Dolby Atmos

The most popular choice for richer audio experiences is Dolby Atmos, which offers spatial sound technology.

  • More than 450 tunings from the most renowned and favored headphones are compatible with DTS.
  • Dolby gives audio engineers additional flexibility by using sound that has been translated and recreated as objects.
  • Spatial sound is not provided by DTS models. They are still excellent for playing games and provide powerful audio signals and high-quality sound.
  • DTS offers better sound quality for headphones than Dolby Atmos.
  • If you want to mix gameplay with audio processing to achieve the full experience, Dolby Atmos is the way to go.

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This discussion explains the common differences between DTS Headphone X Vs Dolby Atmos. We explained how each of them plays an important role in enhancing the music and sound quality.

The natural sound movement provides a new degree of immersion and significantly enhances the whole experience. With the help of this article, you ought to be able to weigh all the pros and downsides and decide which spatial software technology is best for you.


Is It Worth It To Get A DTS Headphone X-Supported Product?

In simple words, generally, it is worth it to get a DTS Headphone X-supported product. The reason is that DTS Headphone: X might be a compelling offer for anyone, given how much it enhances your listening experience.

Additionally, a DTS:X decoder is added when you purchase DTS Headphone: X. However, how you intend to use the software will still be a factor.

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