List of Best Beats Headphones In Sauna

Without some background music, it is difficult to unwind in the sauna. Your relaxation will be of higher quality and be more delightful if you have a good set of earbuds. Because they use wireless technology and are lightweight, earbuds for the sauna are particularly practical and portable.

Having the best earbuds for the sauna is crucial for this reason. The issue is that manufacturers of earbuds and headphones do not specifically produce models that are sauna-proof. This makes it quite challenging to find the best headphones for your personal use for various purposes. 

In this article, you will find the details about the best Beats headphones that you can use in a sauna so that you can relax in the sauna while listening to your favorite music. 

Best Beats Headphones That You Can Use In Sauna

Beats Powerbeats Pro

The PowerBeats Pro are Apple-owned Beats’ first truly cord-free Bluetooth earbuds that aim to be the best earphones for working out and jogging.

The $220 PowerBeats Pro are essentially the company’s popular PowerBeats 3 neckband Bluetooth earphones without the cords connecting the pair, just like Apple’s first AirPods, which resembled a set of the company’s standard EarPods with the connections cut off.

This features a distinctive ear hook, which secures the earphones in place by tucking them beneath the top of your ear. The PowerBeats Pro is, therefore, neither little nor delicate. You’d need to search elsewhere if you were looking for a discrete pair of earbuds, though.

They fill your ear canal and filter out more background noise. Though it is not immediately apparent, the ear hook is actually movable. It can be bent into a more comfortable position with a little power. 

It’s also important to remember that the PowerBeats Pro is not capable of playing music on its own, despite being advertised as exercise headphones. Simply said, these are Bluetooth earbuds that require a connection to a phone or another gadget in order to play music.


Apple’s H1 processor, which is also in the second-generation AirPods, provides the PowerBeats Pro with a lengthy lifespan. 

Additionally, it manages the automatic pairing that an iPhone provides. When you initially open the case close to an iPhone, a pairing request appears on the screen. 

If you have the Beats app installed on your phone, all you need to do to pair is open the case close to your phone, push and hold the button, and your phone will prompt you to do so. If not, simply locate them in your Bluetooth settings and pair them just like you would any other device.

The battery information pop-up you receive on an iPhone when you open the case is also replicated on the Beats Android app, which is helpful. 

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Additionally, the AirPods’ Hey Siri support is carried over to the earbuds. When wearing them, all you have to do to activate Siri on your iPhone is say the wake phrase “Hey Siri.” 

They contain distinct volume controls on both earphones, in contrast to the majority of other true wireless earbuds, and they can control playback by pressing the main button once, twice, or three times.

Additionally, you can program them to halt when you remove one from your ear and resume when you put it back in.

Sound And Isolation

Headphones with lots of basses are a trademark of Beats. Despite having strength in the low end, the PowerBeats Pro isn’t excessively dominated by it, which is a nice thing. They have an upbeat, lively tone that is best suited for listening to while engaging in physical activity, such as walking, running, or working out.

Most musical genres work out okay for them. Compared to the AirPods, the silicone earbud tips do some noise isolation, but not a lot. This implies that compared to competitors with superior isolating capabilities, you have to turn up the volume more to hear your music on public transportation. The Sony WF-1000X or Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless sound better, so those seeking the best-sounding earbuds may also be a little let down at this pricing.

The Powerbeats Pro produces richer, clearer sound with bass that’s not just much bigger but also tighter than the original AirPods, which isn’t a particularly high bar to clear. 

The Powerbeats Pro would be considerably better for listening on an airplane, for example, than the AirPods, assuming you obtain that good seal.

It used to be said that Beats headphones had too much bass and that the bass was boomy and undefined. The bass is additionally amplified by the Powerbeats Pro. In fact, the bass is one of the reasons you would choose to purchase these over products like the AirPods or the Elite 65t from Jabra (or the Elite Active 65t). Although the same problem existed with BeatsX, audiophiles are likely to take issue with it even though it may not bother other people.

Charging Case

The charging case is Powerbeats Pro’s one flaw if there is one. There is no wireless charging option, and it is significantly bigger than the AirPods charging case. Since it utilizes Lightning, the iPhone, AirPods, and charging cable can all be used to charge it. Android (as well as contemporary MacBooks and iPad Pros) might benefit more from USB-C, although a USB-A to Lightning cable is provided (supply your own power brick).

Given its size, the charging case is less likely to be hidden away in my pocket than it is to remain on my nightstand, desk, or at the very least, in my gym bag or backpack. Both jeans pockets and the pockets of workout shorts are not the best places for it.

In contrast to AirPods, the case charges from the top or back depending on how it is opened, and because it sits in place when opened, it is really convenient to leave it fixed in place for routine charging between visits.

It’s also a reliable protective case with some built-in intelligence; whereas other Beats earphones come with a soft bag, Beats headphones come with a zipped hardshell cover. The case doesn’t have a button to unlock it; like the AirPods charging case, it closes magnetically and opens with a push. Additionally, it has a charging indicator light that faces outward and is made of the same high-quality LED as you would expect from Apple gear.

H1 Chip

These also have Bluetooth 5 capability and Apple’s new H1 chip, just like the AirPods. That means Apple users receive the same fast-pairing function and always-on Siri, which can be accessed by simply saying, “Hey, Siri,” as opposed to pressing a button. Apple Music subscribers can ask Siri to skip tracks forward and backward and to increase and decrease the volume.

Siri capabilities, of course, only function with Apple devices, but there’s good news for Android users as well: The earpieces have buttons that let you adjust the volume and playback. The identical controls are on both earpieces, allowing you to control playback from either one.

The earbuds have optical sensors incorporated inside them if you look closely. Your music will automatically cease and resume depending on whether you are wearing the earbuds or have taken them out. Each bud can be utilized independently of the others, just like the AirPods, so if you only want to use the left or right one, you can.

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  • These headphones can be used in a sauna
  • Fully wireless, high-performance earbuds
  • 9 hours or more of listening (more than 24 hours with charging case)


  • Bulkier
  • Big casing

Powerbeats3 Wireless

In the same way that it would be difficult to simply request “a coffee” in an East London hipster coffee shop, you must now be considerably more specific while looking for a pair of wireless headphones. 

A good illustration of this is the Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless, which is wireless but not truly wireless.

Even though the Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless headphones are wireless and have Bluetooth connectivity, they still include a flexible cable connecting the buds, which is no longer a standard due to the development of genuine wireless earbuds that are truly wire-free.


The Powerbeats3 Wireless earbuds have ear hooks that naturally attach over each ear in addition to the flexible wire connecting the earphones, which can be pulled tight around your neck like a drawstring. The hooks make sure you shouldn’t have to worry about them falling out of your ears because these earbuds are designed for active users, including gym goers, runners, and bikers.

Four different ear tip options, a typical carry bag, and a micro USB charging cord are included. There isn’t a Lightning connection, which seems a little odd considering that Beats is now a member of the Apple clan.


Absolute sound quality isn’t the main goal while you’re at the gym. Thus, features and fit are equally as vital as auditory performance for a pair of headphones like these. The Powerbeats3 Wireless meet up to expectations in these areas: the neckband and hook design ensures that they won’t fall out of your ears, and it was simple to find a comfortable fit for the ear tips. Although there is considerable noise isolation, some outside noise can still be heard, which is advantageous for active use.

With Apple’s W1 Chip inside the headphones, the Apple connection is stronger. You must thank this technology for the Powerbeats3 Wireless’ flawless, lightning-fast connectivity to any iOS device and its capacity to charge fully for an hour of use in just five minutes.

Android users can rest easy knowing that the usual Bluetooth connection functions flawlessly and that the 12 hours of battery life should be more than enough for even the most ardent users. 

The connection button is prominent and serves as a play/pause, track-forward, or trackback control, depending on how many times you press it. The volume controls on either side are easy to overlook, but once you realize they are there, that is not necessarily a bad thing.


If you were anticipating tonnes of bass, you would be correct. Thanks in part to Apple’s involvement, Beats has evolved from its “bad old days” of providing tonnes of big bass and little else, but there’s no doubt the company still prefers a bassy delivery.

That doesn’t bother us, especially in noisy settings when it might assist drown out the conversation. In contrast to the class leaders in this category, such as the Sennheiser Momentum Free, there is a loss of clarity and dynamics on some recordings due to the heavyweight delivery that spills across the audio spectrum.

But unlike those, the treble in this song is completely flat. Additionally, the sound is really appealing when listened to alone. You won’t be left wanting more power, and the majority of the voices sound pleasant. There really isn’t much to complain about, other than that awkward bass, whether playing classical, rock, pop, or electronic.

Due to the crisp drumming and otherwise well-balanced sound, Drake’s God’s Plan can keep you nodding despite the overpowering bass that begins to jar. Before it starts, Mercy by MJ Cole seems airy and sweet. The Beats maintain a solid hold on the elusive atmospheres with Thom Yorke’s Has Ended, with the bass weight contributing to the track’s meatiness.

Quick Charging And Lasting Batteries

Utilizing Fast Fuel technology, the Powerbeats3 enables faster charging. Usually, a short 5-minute charge provides an hour of playback. It is powered by Apple’s brand-new W1 Bluetooth chip, which has a battery life of up to 12 hours. 4 hours longer than the Powerbeats2’s predecessor’s battery life. It does not require you to stop your workout in the middle to recharge as other headphones do.

Consistency And Comfort

The Powerbeats3 will provide stability and comfort with their adjustable cable management system and flexible and secure-fit ear hooks. These parts ensure that the earbuds stay perfectly in place and let you travel completely hands-free. All you have to do is adjust the cable and wrap it snugly over the back of your head to get a secure fit after bending the hooks to correctly fit the buds to your ears.

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Adaptive Design

The Powerbeats3 initially reminds one of the main features of the Powerbeats line of headphones. However, if you look closely, you’ll see several adjustments that make it more ergonomic than the earlier models. To better fit and achieve a tighter seal, the earbud posts have been lengthened, and their angle changed, among other changes. Additionally, the Powerbeats3 comes with four earphones in various sizes. For an unrivaled listening experience, pick one that offers complete noise isolation and the highest level of comfort. Additionally, they are resistant to perspiration and water.


  • These headphones can be used in a sauna
  • When your battery is low, Fast charging allows you to replay for an hour on a 5-minute charge. Resistance to water and sweat for demanding training
  • With RemoteTalk, you can make calls, manage your music, and activate Siri. Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, Connect your Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac all at once. (needs macOS Sierra, iOS 10, or watchOS 3 and an iCloud account).
  • Flexible, snug-fitting ear hooks provide stability and comfort. High-performance, dynamic audio inspires you to reach new heights.


  • Sometimes the bass is too much.
  • Sometimes lacks dynamism and clarity

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In this article, you have learned about the two best-beat headphones that you can use in the sauna. These headphones are sweat and moisture-resistant, and that is why they can be used in the sauna so that you can have the best quality time in the sauna, all while listening to your most preferred songs.


Does “Water-Resistant” Mean “Sauna Proof”?

Even though something with an IPX water-resistant rating of 7 or higher offers some protection, it still can’t be used in a sauna. Condensation poses a risk.

Headphone condensation can damage them. You move your headphones from a cold, comfortable temperature to one that is quite hot and muggy.

This could result in moisture building up inside, which is extremely harmful to your driving.

Small apertures in your earbuds and headphones allow the microphone and speakers to pick up and transmit sound.

These openings allow excessive humidity to penetrate your headphones. Additionally, the risk is significantly greater if your headphones are a little older. Water-repellent seals do not endure indefinitely.

Your headphones may be protected for a time, but they won’t last as long as they should because even brand-new seals can be harmed by hot steam.

All of this increases the possibility of water damage, which manufacturers typically do not cover under warranties.

Is It Okay To Use Earbuds In The Sauna?

All earbuds are prohibited in the sauna because the sauna’s heat and steam will harm your earbuds.

However, you can use high-IP-rated, water- and dust-resistant earbuds in the sauna.

You can use your headphones and earbuds in the sauna as long as they are waterproof and dustproof, which means they have high IP ratings. But do not use them for longer than 20 to 40 minutes at a time.

They won’t be harmed by heat and moisture because they are heat- and dust-resistant.

Is Using Airpods Allowed In The Sauna?

AirPods are not permitted in the sauna. AirPods can withstand water sprays because they are just water-resistant. They are not waterproof, and the sauna’s heat might deplete the batteries.

Everyone advises against using AirPods in the sauna because of this. Use caution when using them in the sauna, according to Apple. You cannot make a warranty claim if you use them in a sauna.

It implies that you cannot get new AirPods if they are harmed by the heat and wetness of a sauna.

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