List of Best Earbuds For Daith Piercing

You will be coming closer to finding the best wireless earbuds or headphones for individuals with piercings as you look into the many brands that are offering them. The finest solutions for you are those on our list of recommended earphones if you wish to listen to your favorite music without being distracted by outside noise. So let’s explore the top-notch wireless earbuds for piercings in the ears.

As though browsing the marketplaces, you would discover a plethora of selections for the earbuds you should be selecting from. But occasionally, having so many possibilities means that you will undoubtedly run into a lot of difficulties choosing the most reliable and sensible solution. There are many different colors, forms, and designs readily available for them.

Some of the best ear-piercing headphones are designed specifically for you, taking into account the shape of your ear canal. The more durable the earphones are, the more they will detract from the quality of the music that is produced when they are worn with earrings.

In this article, you will find the best earbuds for daith piercing so that you don’t have any problem listening to your favorite music all the time. 

JBL 110BT In-Ear Headphones

One of the best budget wireless earbuds is JBL’s, and the JBL 110BT is our top pick.

You won’t be let down by the rich bass sound quality of JBL. With sharp and clear sounds throughout, the mids and lows are well-defined.

These earphones are made to fit behind the neck and offer a tangle-free cord. A substantial bass bump is provided by the 9mm drivers. They have 9mm drivers that create a great bass boost, are comfortable, and light.

The earbud is the ideal size and easily fits into the ear. It doesn’t bother the daith in any way, which is a huge plus.

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JBL headphones often fit in the ears very well. No exception applies to the T110BT. Additionally, it includes three ear tips in various sizes. The fact that they stayed inside my ears even after a few jumps is wonderful news. They cost $50 more but sound fantastic. And I swear on the life of the Pope that they won’t argue. My jogging friends, the T110BT is not sweat-resistant. Therefore, take care to avoid electrocuting your brain.

Design and Specifications

The T110BT is quite easy to pair with your phone and has a fairly straightforward design. A microphone and a 3-button remote control with play/pause and skip buttons are included. The earbuds are magnetic as well, so when they are removed from your ears, they stick together like best friends. 


For the price, these earbuds sound good. They can reach a high volume, which isn’t always the case with headphones in this price range, and that’s what I enjoy about them. The T110BT has an excellent bass response while maintaining the JBL sound character. They are ideal for EDM, hip-hop, and pop. JBL speakers don’t always have the cleanest sound, especially in the lower price range. Due to the lack of detail, folk and classical music don’t sound particularly impressive. Additionally, the highs are a little sizzling, but this is only an issue when listening at high volume.


  • The JBL T100 in-ear headphones are portable, comfy, and lightweight.
  • The JBL pure bass sound is produced by two drivers that are 9mm in size and deliver powerful bass. You have heard it in arenas and music halls all around the world.
  • You can answer calls immediately with a built-in microphone and control music playback with a single button on a no-tangle cord.
  • The robust no-tangle cable won’t tangle into knots.


  • Not sweat resistant

Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Earphones

Cleaner sound and greater battery life are becoming more and more available with wireless technology at lower rates. It’s wonderful that products like the Sony WI-XB400 Extra Bass earbuds demonstrate this.

These earbuds are comfortable to wear, lightweight, and have excellent sound quality. These buds have a fantastic fit, making them the perfect option for those who have daith piercings.

These earbuds have a much-improved bass boost, and the treble is really sharp. These wireless earphones are tangle-free and have an out-of-the-way behind-the-neck design.

The earbuds’ 12-millimeter drivers, which offer outstanding sound quality, emit bottom-end frequencies that are greatly enhanced.


Simple construction, a tight seal, and respectable sound absorption. If you’re used to using the original Apple earbuds, you’ll find the earpieces to be very light and the fit to be more comfortable.

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Design And Specifications

Utilizing the cable-mounted microphone and 3-button remote, you may expect all the normal capabilities. You may play/pause, skip music, answer/end calls, and change the volume using the controls. Additionally, you can use your voice assistant.

My psychiatrist responded to my phone conversation by saying that he could clearly hear all of my voices. The sounds of his pipe crackling could also be heard. HD Voice technology from Sony is evident.

The WI-XB400 shines in battery life and charging department, giving 15 hours of fun. This outperforms even more expensive wireless earbuds, which typically only offer 6 to 10 hours of use.

Sony has also included a USB-C connection for charging, which is a lovely touch. Micro-USB connections are gradually being replaced by USB-C because they are more durable and convenient to plug in. My colleagues also claim that they have demonstrated the ability to charge more quickly.

The flat cable used by the WI-XB400 reduces tangling. The earpieces also have a magnetic feature, which makes it easier to hang them around your neck when not in use. I lost count of the number of times I dropped my wireless earbuds into the trash. The WI-XB400 is not water-resistant, by the way. However, Sony has thankfully added a jar of rice to the box.


Rock songs have lots of warmth, and pop songs have just the perfect amount of oomph, so the low frequencies don’t overshadow the rest of the performance. Until you start playing some hip-hop music, that is. Your ass then begins to vibrate. For a pair of earbuds this cheap, the bass is actually quite controlled and tight. The WI-XB400 is outstanding in terms of detail as well. In this range, string instruments have a wide variety of textures and grips.

The upper mids avoid placing too much emphasis while the low mids come out to play a little. The outcome is a tremendously meaty and full-bodied rock and pop-rock track. However, female vocals do occasionally stand out in the mix, giving pop music a slightly more dynamic sense. But more importantly, for 60 dollars, these buds are quite clean. Acoustic guitars have excellent strumming separation, while big arrangements have well-organized instrument layering.

High frequencies give the WI-sound XB400 a snappy quality. Crisp and sparkling percussion adds a lot of funk to upbeat compositions. However, the sound characteristic avoids any unwelcome brightness, allowing you to listen for extended periods of time without your ears getting tired. Additionally, transparency is still excellent in this range. Rihanna’s voice has all the sensual cracks you could want, and the strings are rich and nuanced.

For its budget, the WI-XB400 has a rather roomy soundstage. Although there isn’t much depth to be heard, there is a nice sense of height, and the instrument positioning feels reasonably accurate along this axis. The soundtrack does have some dimension, despite not being completely holographic.

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  • Utilizing Bluetooth technology, wireless audio
  • Battery life of up to 15 hours with Fast charging (10 minutes of charge equals 60 minutes of playback). 
  • A 12 mm driver unit for crystal-clear audio
  • Lightweight and flexible cables
  • Voice assistant and hands-free calling are compatible
  • Magnetic buds for simple transport
  • Box contains USB Type-C


  • Not waterproof or sweat resistant.

Bose Sport Earbuds – Wireless Earphones

Most likely, you’ve been browsing the Bose catalog if you’re seeking the finest headphones for daith piercing. It’s a company that has earned a strong reputation for making some of the best athletic wireless earbuds available lately, after all. Therefore, Bose Sports Earbuds are an another great addition to the collection.


The Bose Sports Earbuds were inspired by both an older pair of truly wireless Bose earbuds, the SoundSport Free, and the more recent QuietComfort Earbuds.

The housings are smaller and slightly rounder than the ones that come with the QuietComfort, but they still stick out from your ears in the same amount of space. They are not as compact as a competitor like the Sony LinkBuds S, but they don’t seem silly and are much more understated than the SoundSport Free.

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Design And Specifications

The battery lasts five hours on average per charge, and the carry case offers two more full charges for a total of 15 hours of use. This contrasts with the QuietComfort Earbuds’ six hours and two additional charges and the JBL Reflect Flow Pro’s eight hours and more than two additional charges. With the aid of a 15-minute quick charge through USB-C, you should be able to increase a dead battery from zero to two hours. There isn’t wireless charging in this case like there is with the QuietComfort.

In comparison to the carry case that comes with the QuietComfort Earbuds, the one for the Bose Sport Earbuds is a tiny bit shallower and slimmer. But due to the placement of the buds inside, it is a little bit longer. There is a pairing button inside the case that needs to be pressed each time you wish to connect the earbuds to a new source, and a bank of five LEDs on the front of the case shows how much battery life is remaining in the unit.

The pairing procedure is a little difficult and erratic, in our opinion. We make an effort to pair them with an iPhone and a MacBook, manually switching between them via the app as needed. However, we don’t think the switching went as easily as it should have. We have to repeatedly try to restart the pairing procedure with the Sport Earbuds because they don’t seem to be able to just reattach to one device. The QuietComfort Earbuds didn’t actually cause us any issues in this regard.


We had high expectations for the Bose Sports Earbuds after seeing how well their noise-canceling siblings performed. And they do so to a significant extent. They take a balanced approach, and we can’t help but be impressed. They treat every track we play through them equally and firmly. High frequencies are not irritating or grating.

Low frequencies aren’t overdone like they could be with subpar wireless earphones. Bass notes have richness and fullness, but they never sound bloated or slovenly. They don’t overstay their welcome, thanks to the Bose’s animated and energetic delivery. They captivate you from the first note you hear them.

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Play Can’t Stand Losing You by Sting and the Police, and you’ll hear the plucked bass guitar stomp out that reggae influence with a terrific feeling of weight. The song advances thanks to the solid and precise drum thwacks steadily. Sting’s voice has a fullness and richness that isn’t stuffy, but you do get the impression that it lacks a little in terms of direct emotion. Better earbuds for the money sound slightly clearer and reveal a little bit more information.


  • Case for premium storage.
  • Designed for movement and sports
  • A sound that is good


  • The ears do protrude when wearing earbuds.
  • More expensive than competing models and brands, fantastic, well-balanced audio

Google Pixel Buds Pro

If you use an Android device, especially a Pixel phone, Pixel Buds Pro headphones are a terrific choice. The earbuds pair quickly with devices, allowing for seamless switching between them. They have not only the crucial transparency option but also efficient Active Noise Cancellation. The buds are a great workout companion because they are water and perspiration-resistant.


Clear sound is provided by the Pixel Buds Pros for calls, podcasts, and music. At any volume, the sound quality is excellent. ANC performs admirably. I could hardly hear myself snap next to my ear when using ANC and listening to music. However, I rarely prefer ANC because I seem to operate best in the Transparency mode. I enjoy hearing my surroundings, and the Transparency mode is perfect for that.

The sound is crystal clear and sharp for me while I’m on the phone. People on the other end of the line often gave the sound quality positive feedback. The wind, however, could be heard if I were outside in a windy environment.


Normally, I have to embark on a pairing trip in order to figure out how to connect my phone to wireless gadgets. My Bluetooth is always on, so when I opened the earbuds for the first time, they paired themselves. (I tested this on both an iPhone and a Pixel 6a, and both of them worked well.) Until I removed, disconnected, or changed to another listening device, the earbuds remained plugged into my phone.

But I had to physically connect the earbuds to my PC. It was quite simple. I unlocked the Pixel Pro case, activated the Bluetooth settings on my computer, and pressed the button on the case’s rear until the front light began to flash. The device choice “Pixel Pro” showed up on my PC, and after I picked it, everything was paired.


By tapping or swiping the earbuds, you can manage your music or phone calls. By touching on a bud, you can also quickly activate (and deactivate) ANC.

Instead of Siri, the earphones sort of operate with Google Assistant. If you own a Pixel phone, you’re good to go because the buds are made to reply to “Hey, Google.” “Hey, Siri” does work on iPhones, but only if you’re close to the device. Although Siri is not intended to work with earphones, it does so as long as your phone is within hearing distance.


  • With Active Noise Cancellation and Silent Seal, Pixel Buds Pro adjusts to your ear and help block outside noises, establishing a calm base so that your music can stand out.
  • At any volume, the earbuds sound fantastic thanks to their proprietary 11 mm speaker drivers and Volume EQ.


  • Expensive choice

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This article helps you find the best earbuds for daith piercing. Each earbud type differs from the next in terms of sound clarity and cutting-edge features. Choose the option you believe best fits your requirements and everyday needs.


Can Someone With A Daith Piercing Wear Earbuds?

As long as the earring isn’t too large to block the earpiece, you can still use earbuds with a daith or tragus piercing. To avoid acquiring an infection in your ears, you must exercise considerable caution. In order to avoid any irritation, you should wait until the piercing has healed before using earbuds.

Which Ear Makes The Greatest Daith?

One or both of your ears can be pierced with Daiths. The ear that is on the side of your head that hurts the most when you have a migraine, according to some supporters of Daith piercing, is where it should be done. Get your left ear pierced if you experience left-sided migraines more frequently.

Can Someone With An Orbital Piercing Use Earbuds?

The ideal response is that, at least while it is healing, you can’t truly wear earbuds with a conch piercing. To prevent any snags, irritation, or pain while your piercing is healing, switch from earbuds to over-the-ear headphones.

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