Travelocity Bluetooth Earbuds Won’t Turn On – How To Fix?

If you have been searching for ways through which you can resolve the Travelocity Bluetooth Earbuds won’t turn on issue, then you have landed at the right place.

Numerous problems with your wireless headset can be resolved by learning how to reset your Bluetooth headphones.

Wired headsets are substantially less handy than Bluetooth headphones. Unfortunately, sometimes they may be picky.

Do you notice that your Travelocity earbuds work one day and then stop working the next? Do you have no clue why it stopped pairing with your smartphone all of a sudden? Are your earbuds producing a lot of static in the sound?

These problems are the most common ones that Bluetooth headphones users, particularly Travelocity Bluetooth Earbuds users, encounter. And it’s not because their headphones are of poor quality. Simply said, it’s because manufacturers haven’t fully developed Bluetooth technology.

The positive news is, It’s not necessary to purchase a new headset each time your Bluetooth connection breaks down. The majority of Bluetooth headphone problems may be resolved with a few simple actions, including the use of one of the most common solutions, which is to reset the earbuds.

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Why Does It Make Sense To Reset Your Bluetooth Headphones?

Your Bluetooth headphones are probably not faulty if they won’t switch on. All you have to do is reset it, and you would be able to easily resolve the Travelocity earbuds not turning on issue.

  • In reality, a fast factory reset can fix a variety of Bluetooth headset issues, including:
  • If your Travelocity Bluetooth earbuds are having trouble connecting to your computer or smartphone, i.e., Travelocity Bluetooth earbuds are not turning on.
  • If your Bluetooth headphones can’t be found on your smartphone
  • If the headphones can be located by your smartphone but the two can’t successfully pair
  • Even when both your headphones and your smartphone are fully charged if your headphones keep disconnecting
  • If the audio in a video you’re watching isn’t immediate
  • If the audio is static-filled,

Most of the time, the problem is not a hardware one. It’s just a connection problem, and restarting and resetting your headphones will solve it, particularly the Travelocity Bluetooth Earbuds not turning on issue.

You could occasionally be experiencing a software problem. For instance, you might need to do a reset if you installed updates for your smartphone or updated the firmware on your headphones in order for them to function once again.

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Resetting Bluetooth Headphones: A General Guide

Although several headphone companies have their own distinctive methods for reconnecting, most Bluetooth headphones may be reset using generic guidance.

  • You will have to find the power switch.
  • Then, you will have to keep holding down the power button.
  • Lastly, you will have to hold the button down until either the blue or red light on the Bluetooth headset flashes.

Usually, pairing your Bluetooth headphones with your device requires resetting them. You must pair the headphones once more in order to utilize them after doing a factory reset.

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It’s beneficial to learn how to reset your Bluetooth headphones, as doing so would help you easily resolve the “Travelocity Bluetooth Earbuds won’t turn on” issue.

Knowing how to perform a reset will help if you’re having problems with your headset and want to enjoy your favorite music, view movies, or make calls hands-free without any interruptions.

So, by following the guide, you can easily resolve the Travelocity Bluetooth Earbuds won’t turn on issue.


How Do You Link The Bluetooth Earphones From Travelocity?

To turn on the headphones, you will have to press and hold the ON/OFF button, which might be the same button that you use for Bluetooth pairing, on the earbuds for some seconds to accomplish this. While pairing, the blue indicator light will blink, and the headphones will begin looking for Bluetooth devices. On the music player, choose “PBT-BT” from the Bluetooth list to pair.

Can Bluetooth Earbuds Be Factory Reset?

For five seconds, simultaneously press and hold the volume down and answer/end call keys. Watch for the Bluetooth and battery icons to flash five times. Your Travelocity Bluetooth earbuds have likely been reset if you follow the procedure outlined in the same manner.

How Do You Activate Pairing Mode On Earbuds?

You should confirm that Bluetooth is turned on under the Bluetooth menu. Then, hit the

button on your headphones or earbuds. Some people might be confused if the Bluetooth pairing button is the same as that of the power button, for which you can consult a user manual to confirm this.

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