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In gaming platforms, Microsoft may have had its influence in the market in terms of PC gaming, but in the case of gaming consoles, Sony’s PlayStation has always been ahead in the race. Many people think playing games is just part of killing your extra time as fun, so it won’t matter what console or setup you play on. So, in this, we will discuss all the Facts and Insights involved with What Headphones Work With PS4 so that you have all the facts and insights.

But for many gamers, it is really important to have the best gaming setups to satisfy their passion. Having the best setup depends not only on having a good console, there are many other essential gadgets too to enhance your gaming experiences, such as a 4k display, compatible PS4 headphones, and gaming chair for comfortable hours.

Some games require talking or communicating within the game is crucial. Regardless of whether it’s required to talk to your friends while playing, it’s still fun. Thus, if you want to have a better gaming experience, use headphones with a mic that are compatible with PS4.

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Why is it important?

Playing games on the PS4 is more enjoyable and immersive if you enjoy the audio. You might enjoy the TV speakers’ loud volume in solo role-playing and action games. However, it’s not possible to play it loud during the night, and also without the PS4 headphones or other third-party help, you won’t be able to join the team chat during gameplay. Simply stated, PS4 headphones help you communicate with your teammates more effectively and enhance your experience. 

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That is why getting headphones for your PS4 can enhance your gaming experience. No matter whether you play alone or with friends on the team every night, you’ll have a blast. With all this, the question arises can you use your regular headphones with PS4 or do you need special PS4 headphones to avail the features? Therefore, let’s look at some audio output options of PS4 headphones.

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What headphones work with PS4?

It is possible to use the PS4 with regular headphones. Although PlayStation 4 doesn’t have any issues with wired headphones, it’s a little more difficult with wireless headphones. PlayStation 4 uses the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) standard for its headphone jack, which is more current and widely accepted.

Therefore, most regular headphones should work just fine, mostly the wired ones, causing no trouble. With wireless, you simply need to choose the one that’s compatible with your device. If you are trying to find out if your headphones are compatible with a PS4, you can look up the information on Google.

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Wired PS4 headphones

Wired headphones receive their audio signals directly through the cable with minimal chances of latency and offer the proper best sound quality in terms of audio output, just like TV speakers. The sound quality is totally up to mark. Therefore, many professional gamers prefer wired headphones with their PS4 to get the maximum. 

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In the general case of PS4, you can use any headphones with a 3.5 mm jack. All you have to do is just Plug your wired headset into the PS4 controller. Then go to the audio output tab in the setting and select headphones connected to the controller. It is that simple. The only requirement is 3.5 mm headphones. If you have any nearby, you should be okay.

However, with non-compatible wired headphones, those that follow the OMTP standard rather than CTIA can still work. As PS4 is compatible with the CTIA standard port, just like newer smartphones, all you need is an OMTP to CTIA converter. 

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Wireless PS4 headphones

Wireless headphones may offer some loss in sound quality and delay in sound to some extent, but still can be a wonderful option as these errors are mostly in mid-range models. So if you’re into throwing some extra money, wireless headphones directly compete with the wired one with the same or even better sound quality that too without the trouble of cord or wire management. So, it is definitely up to you to decide. 

We can connect wireless headphones on your PS4 in different ways. Sony’s Bluetooth connections are primarily designed to mimic the way Sony’s wireless headphones work with the PS4, so not all Bluetooth headphones are compatible with them. It is therefore important to check the compatibility list before purchasing one.

After purchasing one, make sure it’s charged enough to connect it to your PS4 for the first time. Go to the device tab in your PS4 settings and select Bluetooth devices. Wait until you see your headphones on the list. Click on your headphone to pair them and you’re good to go.

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How to pick the best headphones? What headphones work with PS4?

A quality gaming headset is an important part of enjoying PlayStation 4 games. As far as buying something costly doesn’t mean it will be of high quality, you don’t have to break the bank to get one. However, below are some important factors you should consider before finalizing your choice;


The first thing to look up to is headphone compatibility. To get a compatible headphone, you aren’t specifically required to look up to high price ranged brands or official headphones listed on PlayStation’s website. Just check that the specific model of headphones works well with the PS4.

Sound Quality:

The main purpose behind getting a headphone is to get quality audio output that too without disturbing others with the loud volume of your TV speakers. Therefore, the chosen headphone must provide good sound quality for gameplay. 


It doesn’t matter whether you’re roaming solo doing your missions while driving Infernus in GTA V or have a squad going for a battle royale in Fortnite, you’re going to play for hours. Therefore, the comfort level of your selected headphones is an essential factor to look up to.


Along with good sound quality with over-ear headphones, the microphone is another thing that makes gamers get headphones for their setups. As most of the latest games come in with a feature to chat with your gaming buddies while playing. The headphone you’re going to pick must provide a good and clear audio mic to communicate with your friends.

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Advantages of PS4 headphones

There are many benefits to gaming headsets that can enhance any gamer’s gaming experience. Here are some of them:

  • Directed Sound
  • Reduces Disturbance to others
  • Blocks External Noise
  • Better Audio Quality
  • Easy Communication
  • Comfort


This guide explains what headphones work with ps4, and we have shared all the valuable information about wired and wireless headphones with their exceptional performance and quality details for you. If you want Bluetooth headphones for your PS4 setting, then we recommend using the best ones because you can’t compromise on the quality of headphones as they will affect your gaming and listening experience.

In case you are not still clear about what headphones to choose for ps4, then you might want to take a look at the FAQs below to get an idea about which option would be best for you.


Do any headphones work with the PS4?

Yes! On the PS4, you can undoubtedly use standard headphones. All you will need to connect to the devices is an audio cable with a 3.5mm jack input. After that, you may keep enjoying your preferred music and audio on your PS4.

Any Bluetooth headphones that should function with a PS4?

You must make sure you have Bluetooth headphones designed particularly for the PS4 because the majority of regular Bluetooth headphones are incompatible with the PS4. To successfully connect to your PS4, some Bluetooth headphones come with a unique dongle that you must put into the controller or console.

Can Samsung headphones be used with a PS4?

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus may be connected to the PS4 via the Bluetooth Transmitter. If you already own a Bluetooth transmitter, connect it to the PS4’s USB port at the console’s front. Have pairing mode selected; place the Galaxy Buds Plus over your ears, then press and hold the touchpads on each Bud for a few seconds.

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