Which Tozo Earbuds Are The Best?

Beats, SkullCandy, Raycons, AirPods, JLab, etc. The earbud industry is competitive. Thankfully, TOZO, a native of Seattle, Washington, is our rescuer. True wireless earphones are now being produced by the TOZO brand. They are popularising wireless earphones that are both high-quality and reasonably priced. Therefore, TOZO earbuds are the way to go for customers looking for something modern, reasonably priced, well-built, made in America, and with incredible sound.

Best Tozo Earbuds

To assist you in making a decision, I’ll compare the top Tozo earbuds in this article.


The NC2 earphones have an extended stem. They have tasteful architecture. The touch button is located on the earphones’ exterior face. A little LED indicator light is also visible there. The earphones each have three microphones (one on the backside, the second on the buds of the earbuds, also the third on the head of the stem – well, all three mics are ANC mics). NC2 don’t feel like they are going to slip out of your ear easily because their shape fits your ear’s inner contour precisely. You may select the proper size for your ear by choosing from the various sizes of soft silicone ear tips that come with the earbuds.

The NC2 can be used for 8 hours of playing on a single charge, and the charging case by itself can support more than three full charges, giving it a total playtime of almost 32 hours. The earphones are fully charged in 1.5 hours, while the case takes around 2 hours to reach full capacity.

Sound Quality

The Tozo NC2 offers a straightforward sound with vibrant upper mids and an engrossing bass, similar to the way these earbuds appear and feel.

Pop, hip-hop, dance, and electronic genres can all count on a thundering mid-bass. It’s snappy and energetic enough to get you bobbing your head and tapping your feet, yet it doesn’t drown out the other sounds.

The same intensity is present in brighter vocals and upper-mid tones (such as violin, cymbal, and trumpet). Vocals are somewhat in front of instruments and sound clear (with a trace of graininess), but not so much that the sound is harsh or shallow. Only claps and cymbals can produce a slightly thin or harsh sound.

Nevertheless, the NC2’s slightly boosted lower-mid tones ensure that it always has a warm undertone. 

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The Tozo NC2 is not in any way earbud for audiophiles. Avoid aiming for a wide soundstage with too many subtleties or the most precise instrument placement or timbre. However, there is a clear distinction between the various instruments, and you can hear details to your left and right. It just does nothing wrong; listening to it is always enjoyable if not a little upbeat.


The Tozo NC2 has a generic and somewhat inexpensive appearance and feel, similar to other models from the very popular brand on Amazon. The matte-black case is a little bit larger than the AirPods Pro case, but it is still sufficiently thin to go into your pocket. 

The actual earbuds themselves have a small stem and an outside, glossy appearance. These oval-shaped earbuds fit snugly and comfortably in your ears after being slightly twisted in. The stems perfectly point in the direction of your cheeks without touching them. They ought to be resistant to both rain and perspiration thanks to the IPX6 waterproof rating.

The Tozo NC2’s battery life is typical for the cost. With ANC turned off, it offers up to 8 hours of gameplay; with it on, it lasts for about 5 hours. These are above-average ratings for inexpensive noise-canceling earphones, and they provide more than enough power for regular usage. Before it runs out of juice, the case may recharge three more times.

Noise Cancelling Performance

The earbud’s noise-canceling capabilities are only passable. The Transparency/ Ambient function and the ANC functionality can both be changed by tapping the left bud. Although Active Noise Canceling is turned off by default, once it is on, you cannot turn it back off until the earbuds are placed in the charging case. This is one of the TOZO NC2’s greatest flaws.

A brief sound indicates the feature switch has been successful. The ANC’s impact is strong compared to the cost. Particularly diminished background noises included distant traffic, dimmer electronic humming, and even sounds from building sites.

Darker and brighter, BASSY noises are reduced. Nearby sound effects are not handled as well. Keyboard clicks are still audible even if the TOZO NC2 headphones remove the brighter edge of sound and voice effects like surrounding noises.

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  • Noise Cancellation Active
  • Portable Style
  • Convenient Fit
  • Subtle bass


  • The touch controls may occasionally or even very rarely stop working at random.


With premium features like active noise cancellation, transparency mode, a dual built-in microphone with active noise cancellation, and one-step pairing, the TOZO NC9 true wireless earbuds surpass their price point. These wireless earbuds have enormous 9.2mm, speaker drivers on top of everything else.

Sound Quality

Small dynamic drivers found inside earbuds are challenging to extract precise sound quality from. If you sat about listening to many sets of headphones, you might discover that they frequently have the same sound quality. Bass tends to be on the lower end, whether they cost 50 or 200 USD. When used in high volume, distortion can either be hit or miss. And a significant portion of the sound quality is the result of successes or failures in active noise cancellation.

Having said that, the TOZO NC9 earbuds offer what might be described as a natural sound. Vocals are given a light accent in the mid, which is evident. Because of this, the TOZO NC9 excels in making and receiving calls and podcasts. Although the range’s richness isn’t significantly above average for the price, it’s still a step in the right direction.

The bases of the TOZO NC9 are also fairly balanced. They are not excessively inflated by default, which is a design choice that earbuds have made much too frequently recently. If you take the time to adjust your equalizer setting, TOZO NC9 can still achieve punchier levels, which may appeal to bass lovers.

Although the treble range in the TOZO NC9 isn’t very noteworthy, it can be improved with an equalizer if you have certain likes.


Tozo wants to demonstrate the full potential of its technology in terms of performance. The NC9 has a 9.2mm driver, which is a lot bigger than the majority of genuine wireless systems. You only have one large driver to fill your ears with sounds and scenes, and it functions as a genuine wireless system rather than having six drivers or anything like that. These buds were designed with your interaction with them as the primary consideration.

The NC9 uses a touch-sensitive control method to access its interface, like the majority of genuine wireless devices. The NC9 gets things so correct, but some wireless systems can experience significant issues getting these controls to operate all of the time flawlessly. There are no slides, other difficult movements, or other ways to use the NC9 that might not work properly to access every feature.

 You use your left and right earbuds for various tasks. Once you press the left button, ANC is activated, and a voice will let you know if it’s on or off. Pushing it three times enables a voice assistant like Siri, and pressing it twice advances to the music before it. Additionally, holding down the left earbud lowers the volume and, if the earpiece is off, turns it on. The right bud can be touched once to pause or play the current track and twice to move to the next track.

Holding down the right bud increases volume, mirroring the left bud’s feature. This is my new go-to method for real wireless earbud volume control. On the NC9, picking up a phone call is also made simple because it only requires one touch to answer the call and one touch to end it. Overall, these features operate flawlessly, with little lag, and are among the best I’ve encountered with a real wireless system.

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Noise Cancelling Performance

The NC9 will no doubt delight fans of noise cancelation because, in addition to supporting ANC, these earbuds are also naturally self-isolating. Two microphones are housed inside the NC9, one in the nozzle for passive noise cancellation and the other near the touch control panel. By just placing the earbuds in your ears, the nozzle mic may passively hide sounds that are present in your ear canal. To cover up outside ambient noise, the Active system creates its “anti-noise.” The most genuine sound is produced by the self-isolating technology, but the ANC barely makes a dent in the earbud’s fidelity of sound. Both noise-canceling devices ought to perform admirably when traveling by car, train, or air.


  • Bass that thumps
  • Convenient touch interface
  • Price
  • Noise-canceling


  • Connectivity problems were observed by some users. 


With its appealing price range and “out-of-this-world” features, the TOZO T6 earbuds are the best Tozo wireless earbuds for beginning users.

These ergonomically designed, incredibly light earbuds are hard to top for the price. This pair of TOZO wireless earphones are truly waterproof thanks to their amazing IPX8 rating and “as good as it gets” Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility. (You read that correctly; waterproof, not water-resistant.) Therefore, you are able to wear them wherever including through metal detectors.

Sound Quality

Let’s talk about sound quality, which is arguably the TOZO T6’s most crucial aspect. The specifications show that they have added some good elements to keep the sound quality high. 

To completely assess the strengths and shortcomings of sound, we listened to a variety of genres, musicians, and songs. The sound was excellent in terms of clarity and sharpness, but the bass was a little underwhelming. The mids and highs were exactly what we intended them to be, but the T6’s lows and bass seemed a little underwhelming. 

Naturally, certain headphones will perform better than others. That’s just how the game works. In terms of earphones, it’s really challenging to produce a deep and rich bass profile, in our opinion. It’s challenging to generate resonant effects with a bass-producing device this small; these effects are considerably easier to achieve with over-ear or noise-canceling headphones.

Overall, we were happy with the TOZO T6’s natural and beautiful sound. Although the bass isn’t as full-bodied as we’d like, you get a lot of features for a low price that is reasonable, given the level of quality you get.

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Battery Performace

The charging case is just little enough to prevent the earbuds from falling out. It is a secure location to store them when not in use and is about the size of your hand’s palm. 

The advertised battery life of the earbuds is 5 hours between complete recharge cycles. 

These “advertised estimates” don’t seem to ever be completely accurate. Since they are tested in low-volume settings, businesses frequently exaggerate these claims. However, even with a battery life of just under 4 hours on a single, full charge, the T6 will probably offer more than enough continuous play for the majority of situations.

And as we already mentioned, the charging case, which can recharge them for an extra 15 hours of gameplay, is probably always going to be close by. Our remaining query is if 15 hours of charge time is realistically achievable. After merely 12 hours of use, the case, in our experience, needed to be recharged. However, given that each charge cycle takes about 5 hours, it makes perfect logic that TOZO would assert that the case itself has slightly longer charging capabilities.

Wireless charging was another useful function that TOZO added, despite the fact that it appears their predictions of battery life are a little erroneous. When used in conjunction with a Wireless Charger, the back of the case can receive a wireless charge.

Even though there are many other aspects to consider, the wireless transmission range should be one of them. Although we don’t believe that many people will need to stretch the range to its limit, we nevertheless thought it was important to know. We weren’t sure what to expect because TOZO doesn’t make it appear in their advertising. To our amazement, we managed to reach a range of about 30 feet before lag and choppiness started to matter. There were no obstructions in the path because this distance was 30 feet in the “line of sight.” According to our experience, a wifi range of roughly 30 feet is about average and very good. Realistically, most listeners won’t want anything more, but we’re pleased to have identified their maximum range.


When you first put the TOZO T6 in your ears, you’ll need to take a few minutes to figure out which ear tip is best for you. The pre-installed rubberized tips are replaceable with either a smaller or larger size and come in three different variations. Right now, we’d say it’s essential to get a snug but comfortable fit. This will effectively seal the area surrounding them, preventing sound leakage. Once you’ve done that, test your earphones by forcefully shaking your head; if they stay in place, you’ve got the appropriate tips.

We were lucky in our situation. The added tips turned out to be the perfect fit. The TOZO T6s don’t have an ear hook or a tab, yet they nevertheless seem to fit snugly. Nothing we did to move our head or body appeared to help them relax. After that, we believed we were prepared to assess their durability. They stayed firmly in place without any untoward wriggling when jogging, cycling, and jump roping.

In general, we like how they feel and fit. They are naturally slim and unobtrusive, even though we must admit that they are not the absolute most small model available.


  • Rich audio with strong bass
  • 30 hours of overall battery life with a comfortable in-ear fit, IPX8 waterproofing, and Qi wireless charging


  • Micro-USB wired charging 
  • Shameless copy of the AirPods case

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In this article, some of the best Tozo earbuds have been listed and discussed, which you can use for various purposes. Read the full article to know about the top three picks of the best Tozo earbuds. 

What Makes TOZO Earphones Unique?

Although TOZO items cost a fourth less than some of their rivals’ offerings, quality shouldn’t be an issue. Hard to beat are features like IPX8 waterproofing, noise-canceling, and hi-fi music on top of the Bluetooth 5.0 platform at TOZO pricing in today’s busy, budget-conscious world.

Additionally, because TOZO earbuds are some of the best earbuds for little ears, they are the ideal presents for teenagers and kids.

Why Are TOZO Headphones So Inexpensive?

The general lack of brand marketing is the main reason TOZO products are so reasonably priced. To advertise its goods on billboards and television, TOZO has no marketing department.

The majority of their advertising comes from word-of-mouth, which they have tapped into by offering reasonably priced, truly wireless earbuds with top-notch features and specifications.

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