Can You Wear Headphones With A Tragus Piercing?

Using headphones is becoming a habit for users whenever they are exercising or moving around. But the use of headphones with a tragus piercing is controversial.

Some people argue that it is risky, while others maintain that it is safe as long as the proper headphones are used. People start to wonder, can you wear headphones with tragus piercings, or can you still plug in your headphones?

A lot of questions like this have been asked, and today we will be clearing some of the most common questions to answer to the public.

Can Someone With Tragus Piercings Wear Headphones?

Yes, you can. However, it’s crucial to use the ideal headphones, earphones, or earbuds that fit comfortably and don’t irritate your ears. It will be simpler to cover up your studs with headphones the smaller they are.

When the piercings are still sensitive, avoid wearing headphones, clean them as directed, and simply be kind to them as they recover.

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How Can Someone With A Tragus Piercing Put On Headphones?

The measures that must be taken after you are certain that everything is well and that you can move forward are as follows:

  • Before continuing, you must measure the distance between your two ear piercings and record the information.
  • Select an acceptable headset or earphone model with a clip or loop fastened close to one end.
  • The next step is to attach this clip over the little triangular cartilage on the rear of your tragus.

How Long Do You Need to Be Wit After a Tragus Before You Can Wear Earphones?

There is a typical amount of time for you to properly heal if no problems arise, but you should always heed the piercer’s recommendations as well as any sound medical advice from your doctor.

Four to eight weeks is the standard healing time. This allows the fresh piercing to heal, which can prevent infection or other problems since your earbuds are usually contaminated with bacteria from being exposed to the air.

It is best to observe this advice because bacteria can cause a variety of problems with open wounds. By adding more germs straight to the area where the unhealed wound is, you have a significantly higher risk of causing an infection if you try to cut this short.

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How Should Your Piercing Be Cared For While Wearing Headphones?

You should refrain from rotating the jewelry during the entire healing process. This is because spinning jewelry will rip the scab if it forms, which will stop the healing process.

If at all possible, try to avoid sleeping on the piercing and avoid hitting or knocking it with a brush or your hand. Other than that, here are some recommendations for maintaining your piercing while wearing headphones.

Use a 6mm bar:

You can wear bars of various diameters in your tragus piercing. If you frequently wear headphones, it is better to wear a 6mm bore. This is due to the fact that it will create a lot of extra room in your ear canal for headphones.

You may find it difficult and uncomfortable to wear anything bigger than a 6 mm bar.

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Clean up after using headphones:

You must take precautions to prevent your tragus piercing from being harmed or infected when wearing headphones with one. The biggest source of infection is typically debris and muck that gets into your piercing through your headphones.

As a result, you should clean your earbuds at least once a month to ensure that they are free of any bacteria that could enter your piercing through them. Give at least 4 weeks before putting on earbuds or headphones.

Tragus piercings will require time to heal. Because of this, if you recently had ear piercings, you should wait at least four weeks before using any earbuds or headphones in them.

The reason for this is that if you use your headphones before this period, your piercing will become infected and become quite painful.

Use Light Jewelry:

When you use headphones more frequently, think about wearing simple jewelry. You should position the music-listening equipment so that it does not obstruct your hearing or make you uncomfortable.

For this, you should always go with lightweight jewelry for your tragus piercing so that you can continue to wear headphones while driving.


This discussion explains the answer in detail to a common question asked, “Can you wear headphones with a tragus piercing?”. We hope this guide helps.


After getting my tragus pierced, when may I wear earbuds?

The usage of earphones with anti-tragus piercings is possible. In light of this, users must exercise extreme caution when wearing earbuds to avoid irritating, inflaming, or infecting the area.

Additionally, it’s crucial to wait a few days for a brand-new anti-tragus piercing to fully heal before attempting to wear earbuds.

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